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My friend always wants to call me all the time and it's annoying. Pls help me?

So my friend does not give me any space for myself whatsoever. She always calls me and we talk for hours at a time everyday. She either only talks to me, our other best friend, or her bf. And she's literally always on Snapchat. She says that she's bored and doesnt have nothing else to do. The problem is when she calls me, she talks for hours and I get bored with our conversations, how can I get her to stop wanting to call me so much.

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  • 2 months ago

    You don't have to talk to her for hours. Just let her know you have things to do, and are going to go. Then say good bye. It's not hard to do.

    And if your friend doesn't have anything else to do except talk on the phone or use social apps, i bet her parents could find plenty of things for her to do around the house.

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  • glcang
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    2 months ago

    And so you don’t have the courage to simply say something?

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  • Linda
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    2 months ago

    I have had friends who call me constantly and it is highly annoying. When you talk to her for hours are you mainly an ear for her to listen to her endless ramblings? Sounds like when she can't get ahold of one person she immediately calls another. It doesn't matter who it is and long as she has immediate attention and is heard. She is on snapchat because she craves the constant attention she gets on there from others. Maybe she doesn't have much to do as you say? A job would be a good start if she is not already working? The reason why she keeps talking to you so much is because she knows she can drone on and on to you and you will be there for her and she doesn't know how much she is annoying you. My sister is like that and what I do is not talk to her every day but only a few days per week and set a time limit because she is long winded and it drains me literally. Today she called me and I declined the call and then later I texted her and said hey I'll call you back tomorrow, I'm doing something right now. Basically you will need to set boundaries with your friend and talk about 20 minutes when you actually talk and then say you have to go. Don't allow her to talk incessantly to you and she may not like it at first but she will accept it and your relationship will be much better afterwards. I promise.

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