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What minimum value for the coefficient of static friction μs between B and C (no slip). Ignore any friction between B and horizontal surface?

Block B in (Figure 1) is free to slide on the horizontal surface. With block C placed on top of B, the system undergoes simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 0.12 m . Block B has a speed of 0.22 m/s at a displacement of 0.080 m from its equilibrium position.

 Can someone help me with the process of getting the answer? I was able to come up with w=2.46 and the period being T=2.55 seconds. I just can't solve the second part of this problem.

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    I agree with your assessment that ω = 2.46 rad/s

    The maximum acceleration for SHM is a = Aω², so all we have to do is to equate this to the maximum acceleration available with friction a = μg

    μg = Aω²

    μ = 0.12(2.46²) / 9.8 = 0.074

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