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If I'm only ambitious about my hobbies...?

does that mean I'm depressed?

I'm ambitious about getting to higher levels and working hard in a online role-playing game, I a bit ambitious about makeup, I like looking after my pets and spending time with them, i like reading online articles about my interests but also my problems. I kind of like cooking etc.

I studied photography and Iwas a creative student a couple years ago. But my camera seems half broken (keeps turning off even after it's fully charged).If it weren't broken I think i would be more passionate about photography. can't fix it because I'm broke.

I work in a low status job and in my job i feel most people esp. professionals look down on me. This gives me low self esteem. Because I have no experience in another industry and I NEED more hours because I'm broke and struggling financially, I need to get another job like my current job.

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  • 1 month ago

    no.... you have lack of goals in life.  a broken camera is an excuse?  why dont you save money and buy a new one....

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  • 1 month ago

    Please take camera to a tech, to diagnose

    Good on you with your internet role playing

    Game, do you need to increase the difficulty

    Of your hobbies etc?


    Very Best Wishes


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