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Can you get fired after being in long term disability ??

I’m in Canada. I was in a car accident last year in September. Broke my collar bone, my neck, my back and shattered my elbow into 20 + pieces. So it wasn’t some minor incident that I’m exaggerating too get disability. I’m ready to go back work now I finally finished all my physio appointments... I let my manager know and she says I no longer have a job with them??? Is this allowed? I have been receiving money from them this entire time and will continue too until the end of February 2020. They have since hired another lady to take over my position? Wondering if I need to involve my lawyer or if this is actually allowed??? 


Also will add that I was working for this company 3 years before the accident and I have full benefits. 

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    You get the money because you qualify for the disability. That doe snot mean they have to keep your job open. You think they were going to spend a year with an open position and no one doing your work?

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