What will happen with urine, that left outside? Urine Science Bacteria Ammonia ?

If someone put 1 part human urine 9 parts dechlorinated water in clean bottle, and put filter floss or paper towel as a top to allow it breath.

Put it by window or somewhere that can get light.

What will happen?

Will the solution become safe for fish or invertebrate after a month or months.

My 7 years old son just wonder since today I just let My son culture vinegar eel and grow infusoria. I explained about fish tank water that we used have some infusoria. And in vinegar already have lives in there. And fish waste turn to some safe substances because of invisible living things (bacteria).

He asked me “if I pee in bottle, let it’s breathable, how long it will be safe for fish?”

I think it would be impossible for pure urine to become safe.

So I would ask 10% urine over time, what will happen, will it ever become safe????

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