why do Albanians hate black people?

ive been in love with this lightskin for at least 2 years. hes literally my bestfriend, my mom is so strict and she hates black people idk why. im Albanian and im friends with almost all the black people and lightskins in my school. why are they so raceist? they are all so nice and overprotective. my mom wont even let me hang out with boys and if she sees me next to a  boy she always takes a picture of them and i fould plenty in her camera roll and shes like oh hes cute he cute but they are white. she said if she ever saw a black person step foot in "her" house shes gonna kill me and them. whats her problem!!

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    1 month ago
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    From all the chaos we been dealing with over the past 20 years from black crimes they cant necessarily be trusted anymore. And girl, friendly advice. Many black men are known to be cheaters. So unless loyalty doesn't matter to you, I would take time to get to know a black male well before you have sexual relationships with them 

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  • 1 month ago

    I'm Albanian and I don't hate black people.

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