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My Bf doesn't want sex?

My bf and I just started having sex 6 days ago. We had sex two days ago again. I told him I wanted to have sex with him today. I literally texted him. "Hey baby i want to have sex tonight ". His response was " wtf relax ( my name) relax okay". I'm 26 he's 28. I apologized to him. I said sorry and nevermind. I feel so awful. He's the second guy i had sex with. I feel so gross. I don't think im ugly and he had no problem cumming. I get hit on a lot. I just assumed i could tell him my needs because we have been intimate. I feel so awful. What should I do?


We worked it out. We fought obviously, i won't go to far into details but our sex life has improved. He is from a different country and was just shocked about how blunt i was. He's also muslim. 

For those calling me a thot, seriously he's my second sexual partner. I'm not a hoe. I only told him because he's always so sexual and i had not seen him in day's and we were meeting later. 

Update 2:

He's ******* gay

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    I just made this account so I could respond to you rn.

    A few months ago my long term toxic boyfriend and I broke up. He never wanted to have sex. Like ever, every day I experienced rejection. And you’re story sounds similar to mine in the way beginning.

    My advice is to run for the hills but if you really love him then you can try to make it work.First of all his response to you was rude af. You were just asking, he didn’t need to make you feel like you are obsessive. You’re not the one in the wrong here at all. He is. He could’ve rejected you kindly but instead he was disrespectful.You didn’t say anything like “you owe me sex”. 

    You didn’t come across like you are obsessed

    You just want to have sex, I get it dude 

    I’ve been there dude, he’s definitely in the wrong for how he handled it. 

    It’s scary how damaging rejection from sex can be for your self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. I thought something was wrong with me. But nothing was wrong with me, we just weren’t compatible. (and he wasn’t nice)

    I have a new bf now that has the same libido and leaving my ex was the best thing that ever happened to my sex life.


    Maybe he’ll keep wanting sex, maybe he won’t. If this keeps coming up though and he does this again, if I were you I’d leave. I’d leave now honestly. You can try to make it work but, from experience, you can’t force change on people. This may be how he is.Im not trying to be negative dude. But like I wish someone had said this to me years ago.If all he is going to do is tear you down it isn’t worth it, he ain’t ****.

    You are a badass independent human,

    Never apologize for what you need.

    You gotta look out for you

    You  matter 

    You deserve to be respected.

    You are allowed to ask for sex. Always dude, express yourself! Find another man out there! I’m sure there is a nice man that will look at you and treat you with respect and kindness.

    My ex used to make me feel bad too, like dirty and gross. It was not fun. By the second year in our relationship, po-rn literally made me cry. Watching people make love made me sob because the man I loved didn’t like having sex with me.Like that’s messed up.

    Don’t let this ****** destroy your self-esteem like my ex did to me. Dude, no matter what happens all I have to say is don’t apologize next time cause you didn’t do anything wrong. Make sure you practice self-love and remind yourself why you are a badass queen. And! AND! You deserve healthy love, physical and emotional, there are other men.

     In conclusion, this guy sounds like a jerk and not worthy of your awesomeness.

     I hope you feel better tonight ❤️

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    It's nothing wrong if u wanna have sex with ur boyfriend often. It's just don't show ur vulnerability to often because he gonna have mixed signals of knowing what type of female you're. Aka thot. If you know what I mean.

  • He’s is gay you know.

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    As a man i find his response a little abnormal. I mean there’s guys that’d be queuing to have you as their gf, it is normal for us to sometimes not want sex but the way he replied and made you feel In my opinion shows very little respect for you or your feelings, maybe he’s just having a bad day but I’d see this as a major red flag. I’d consider weather you really want this as your future or not

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    He probably had sex with another girl the night before that's why he wasn't up to it. 

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    There are those of us who would respond otherwise

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    Wait and see , maybe you asked in the wrong time , maybe he is not interested and for him it was just a one night stand

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    Well its okay, just wait till he gets thirsty. Also check his search history, he is problaly watching porn. But dont be mad just say somthing like (this pussy is better than porn) or somthing. OR ur Bf is scared to tell u somthing. Or he can be cheating. But its okay hes most likely not cheating. He problay has low sex drive. Just get viagra and put it in a dink


  • I wish i was your bf

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    You shouldn't feel bad. Maybe he just doesn't want you sending him texts like that. That doesn't mean he's against the idea at all or rejecting you in any way. You are definitely jumping to conclusions.

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