Dream of dark river drowning men?

So I had two dreams last night that contained water. I am a 27 f (not pregnant).  So in the first dream I forget most of the details but I do remember it looking like it was a port and the water was deep and dark, wavy,  and the weather overcast. I forget why I had to go into the water and swim in it but I remember not being afraid at all and nothing bad happened. In the second one we were in a forest with a dark river, almost stagnant , overshadowed by trees (but the weather was otherwise sunny) as some sort of ritual /girl group thing I had to swim out and under the river to get something and I wasn't scared at all. In fact the water told me it will always protect me. (The rest was just weird imagination of a block in the middle of the river where we had to tie a man to it as a sacrifice ). My question is , I know dark water isn't usually good symbolism but these waters felt safe to me and comforting. Any ideas ?

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  • 2 months ago

    Go by what your feelings are telling you about your own dream.  If those waters felt safe for you, then they were meant to be safe in your dream.  Don't go by what dream sites tell you, that you are supposed to feel this or that way, or symbolize whatever.  You must always take into account your own thoughts and feelings and Life experiences.  Dream type sites say one thing means one thing only, and that is not how dream interpretation works. Dreams are very personal to the individual. Both these dreams gave you good feelings, so accept that for now  You may have other  dreams which will give you different feelings, and then you might find a better interpretation.  So keep a watch out for that. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Dreaming of sacrificing a man on dark water?  Sounds like you were dreaming of your waking life as a misanthrope who is comfortable being one.

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