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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 6 months ago

WS: What is your all time favorite, or one of your favorite matches from these pro wrestlers?

Shawn Michaels

Chris Jericho

Seth Rollins


CM Punk

John Cena


Triple H

Eddie Guerrero

Trish Stratus


Bret Hart

Jerry Lynn

AJ Styles

John Hennigan

BQ:(Optional of course) What is your favorite film from these martial artist?

Jackie Chan

Bruce Lee

Tony Jaa

Iko Uwais

Donnie Yen

2 Answers

  • Candle
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    6 months ago
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    Michaels has two that come to mind for me: 1. Wrestlemania 21 against Kurt Angle and 2. Bad Blood 2004 in Hell in a Cell against Triple H.  I also have a fond spot in my heart for his match against Flair at Wrestlemania 24, which I was present for and therefore bias.  The triple threat rematch at Backlash against H and Benoit is also high on my list.

    I have weird ones for Chris Jericho.  One is the Thrillseekers vs Heavenly Bodies in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the one that Chris wrestled with a broken arm  because he tried a shooting star press for the first time before the match and broke it.  The match made me a huge fan of the Heavenly Bodies, so it goes in.  I always liked him paired with Triple H as well.  Pretty much any time those two squared off.  Wasn't a fan of his matches with Punk or Shawn, which is a shame because they both had high expectations going in.  I liked his 'mania match against Kevin Owens though.  He had a series of great matches against Stevie Richards on Heat that no one remembers but me because I'm a Stevie mark.  There are so many...

    I don't think I have a favorite Seth Rollins match, unless you count Shield matches, then maybe any outing against The Wyatts applies.

    I really liked Neville vs Austin Aries on the Wrestlemania 33 pre-show.I liked Punk's matches with Jeff Hardy.  I liked Punk vs Morrison in ECW.  Strangely, as a huge Stevie Richards fan, his bout on ECW TV against Punk also stands out.  His final match against Colt Cabana in ROH was great.  You can't go wrong with any of the Samoa Joe matches either.  I wish we got Punk vs Aries in their prime, but both men kind of became too malcontent to stick around anywhere long enough for it to happen.John Cena vs Umaga, Last Man Standing.  Anything Cena's done with AJ or Punk was class.  Cena's first big breakout match against Shawn Michaels was great too.  He had a few great ones with Orton and Edge as well.Discounting E&C stuff just to avoid making this a TLC fanboy moment, his bout against Mick Foley at Wrestlemania was a big one for me.  He had a great ladder match against Ric Flair that was better than it ever should've been.  I liked the intensity in his cage match against Matt Hardy.  To add to the Cena list of great rivals, yeah, any bout against Cena was good.Triple H: See Shawn Michaels.Halloween Havoc against Rey is a given.  I really loved the storytelling in his bull rope match against JBL.  Eddie vs Flair was fun.  Eddie vs Brock was always a great combination.  Of course you have to say any Eddie/Benoit match.I liked Trish vs Mickie James at Wrestlemania 22.  It wasn't a perfect match, but I remember liking it quite a bit, mainly because I was a big Mickie fan and was coming around on Trish.Ricochet, probably the finals of BoLA 2017 against Keith Lee and Jeff Cobb.  So much Prince Puma stuff as well.  Him vs Rey sticks out.  The All Night Long bout against Mundo was great as well.  I have a soft spot for his handicap match with Velveteen Dream vs Lars Sullivan.  They showed crazy chemistry and a glimpse of a tandem that could've been extremely interesting.Bret vs Owen Summerslam 94 in a steel cage.  I just loved the Sharpshooter reversal spots so much.Jerry Lynn vs RVD, the matches blur together for me quite a bit, but any of the ECW encounters.  AJ Styles.  One weird outlier match against Alex Shelley that happened on FS1, I liked his bouts with Abyss, especially the one in six sides of steel.  I have a soft spot for a match he had with Cedric Alexander in Winston-Salem for PWX.  His bouts with Nakamura in New Japan were classic.  His match against Sting in TNA, I think at Turning Point 08.  There are tons of AJ matches.  Hard to narrow it down to 20, much less 1.Johnny Surname: Any encounter with Punk as aforementioned, the aforementioned All Night Long match, his bout with Aries at BFG 2018 before Aries pulled an Aries.  I liked his cage match against Cuerno in LU.  I have a fleeting memory of him vs Cody, but I wont count it, but I remember them having good matches.

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  • Uzaif
    Lv 5
    6 months ago

    The Question is tough, So I have saved it. BQ: Jackie Chan - The Tuxedo, Bruce Lee - Haven't seen any yet, Tony Jaa - Tom Yum Goong, Iko Uwais - Haven't seen any yet, also have no info about the guy, Donnie Yen: Ip Man 2, Blade 2.

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