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02.11 Sum and Possum Production latin help:?

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    TERM 1: I AM a Vestal Virgin.

    DEFINITION 1: sum

    TERM 2: As a guardian of the state, I CAN rebuild the sacred fire on the Kalends of March, ...

    DEFINITION 2: possum

    TERM 3: ...attend meetings other women ARE not ABLE to do and release prisoners from their punishments.

    DEFINITION 3: possunt

    TERM 4: I HAVE BEEN a Vestal since the age of 10.

    DEFINITION 4: fui

    TERM 5: At that time and for the next 10 years I WAS ABLE to study the profession of the Vestals and learn how to carry out the ceremonies accurately.

    DEFINITION 5: potui

    TERM 6: IT IS quite a responsibility!

    DEFINITION 6: est

    TERM 7: I WILL BE in this position for five more years.

    DEFINITION 7: ero

    TERM 8: Then, for the next 10 years I WILL BE ABLE to teach the new Vestal initiates.

    DEFINITION 8: potero

    TERM 9: Then after 30 years, those who were initiated with me (those) ) WILL BE ABLE to retire.

    DEFINITION 9: poterunt

    TERM 10: We WILL HAVE BEEN servants of the state for a long, but memorable time.

    DEFINITION 10: fuerimus

    1. Linguam Latinam legere et scribere possum.

    I am able to both read and write the Latin language.

    2. Ab agris frumentum transportare non poteramus.

    We were not able to carry the grain from the fields.

    3. Pericula vitae bonum hominem commovere non potuerunt

    The dangers of life will not be able to disturb a good person.

    4. Viri cibo vitas equorum servare potuerant.

    The men had not been to protect the lives of the horses with food.

    5. Quis pecuniam invenire potuit?

    Who has been able to find the money?

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