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Can someone please tell me what they think this is?


Been here for few days. Not itchy. Inside thigh. Note: Have recently shaved. But also have a past with autoimmune diseases so it's really anyone's guess what the hell it is!

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    It looks like a very mild case of psoriasis.  Try applying cortisone cream for a week and see if it improves.  If it does not improve or worsens then see a dermatologist.

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    Not only is it unclear exactly where on your body that is, nor is there any measurement scale, but there are a *huge* number of potential causes before even considering your more complex medical history.

    Sorry, but all you’ll get here at best are well-intentioned best guesses, and they’re as useful as chocolate coffee pots.

    You need to see your doctor. As you’ve a history of autoimmune diseases, that needs to be ASAP.

    The vast majority of potential causes are minor and may not even need treatment, but the worst potential causes can be life-threatening so this isn’t something you gamble with. Even a doctor may well need to take a biopsy to make an accurate diagnosis.

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