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What should i do? :( ?

I liked a guy i wont see again due to placement changes so i thought i would add him on insta - but when i went on his profile it was private and he has a gf. I know that nothing can ever come of this now because I would never get involved with a boy in a relationship - but he gave me a lot of indications. He always smiled, laughed and looked at me, so much eye contact (more than talking), extra caring towards the children when i was there (hes a football coach) and the last day he was there i made some conversation about him helping the girls in my class learning to skip at lunch time and it made him laugh a bit and say no i was just cheering them on - but he kept his cute smile. I think he knew i liked him (i was always pink in the cheeks) so maybe he didnt like me back and just thought i was awkward.

We’re the same age btw 20 

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  • 2 months ago

    What should you DO? Stop posting anonymously if you don't want most people to assume you're a troll.

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  • Rowan
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    2 months ago

    Look, you're hot, don't be picky, don't get too hung up on a guy with a girlfriend, or even guys who find it really easy to pick up chicks. Just find a nice guy, with a decent job who treats you nice, that you get along with, and just be nice, show affection, make an effort. Let me sort of give you my wisdom, for what it is. There's billions of them, and they're not really that different. Put a percentage on it that you would settle for, like one in a hundred, if that's even something that's in your league. Don't leave it too long waiting around. 

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