Is this Medical Malpractice?

I cut myself on the back of my hand and went to the local ER. The Doctor looked around the cut and said that my tendon was in tact. I was unable to open my hand, yet he wrote on the paperwork that I was able to open my hand just fine. He didnt seem to worried about it, but I kept pressing him and he finally agreed to send me to a hand specialist. He said I could wait a week to see the hand specialist (only comes in town on Mondays) as he thought there was nothing wrong internally. 

He then stitched me up and sent me on my way. Turns out, these were not dissolvable stitches. No where on the paperwork was it stated that I had to get them removed. There was no aftercare on the paperwork in regards to the stitches either. 

A week later I get into the hand specialist and he says I need surgery. 

I get scheduled for the surgery that following friday (11 days after the initial cut). Due to the wait, they had to stretch my tendon. It had retracted enough for there to be a 5mm gap. The PT and the hand specialist said that was a large gap due to how long had gone by. 

Im now two weeks post op and cant lift my finger. The bottom of my finger is now numb. I type on a computer all day for my job and I feel this will limit how effective I can be at work. 

All research I have done states that when waiting 10 or more days to do surgery on an Extensor Tendon, there is a greater likely hood of failure and not gaining full mobility back. 

So, should I try to pursue this, or wait a bit?

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  • Rowan
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Sounds like it to me. You could sue for pain and suffering, and loss of mobility affecting your work. It takes time to heal, but if you don't, you should talk to a lawyer. He lied on the paperwork to save himself the effort of doing something. 

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