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Why does my inner hips hurt?

Every time I stand up/walk for long periods without resting my inner hips start to hurt. The pain feels like it is connected to my hips and glute, I usually have to do a stretch then by doing a frog position to help the pain go away for a bit.

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  • 2 months ago

    Stretching is good - you should do additional exercises and stretches.

    Try looking up 'hip flexor' or 'hip opening' yoga on youtube - there are tons of videos.

    One of my favorites is 'pigeon' pose.

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  • 2 months ago

    You're actually fortunate that you've discovered a stretch that can help to alleviate that pain.

    Some teenage girls experience similar pain because their hips are widening faster that their bodies can adapt comfortably to those changes.

    There are some ballet barre exercises that work those hip muscles.  "Ronds de jambe" they're called, some "à la terre" and some "en l'air" (Leg circles, some on the ground and some in the air).  If you have friends who've studied ballet, ask them to show you – these exercises are very basic and won't harm you.

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