The greatest paradox in life and why is it such a paradox?

Sure, to be a good person, part of it is being helpful.

Reaching out to those in need.

Giving those with no education, an education.

Giving those with no money, a few extra bucks or some help with their bills.

Bringing those who see themselves as having no hope, to church and around town to see the light.

Giving food to the hungry.

Here's the paradox that I see and have experienced.

This is why we have a Government.

Unless you're the Government and you have very tight, well defined regulations and policies about giving

And protection from violence

Most of such needy people are also thieves, and low class

And they'll take advantage of you, lie to you, use you and abuse you and be condescending to you

We're talking about IQs as low as the low 90s and some down in the 60s or even less.

People with no education, act like people with no education..

That's not good, healthy behavior.

I'm not the Government, and I don't have my own personal politicians and laws,

I don't keep records or print forms..

I don't have an entire police department and I don't have my own personal FBI..

And I don't own a county jail nor do I have my own ADX Florence prison..

And I can't issue fines to people.

So when I associate myself with people to try to them them out

I risk my own wellbeing and my own mindset and mental health

I risk being taken advantage of

This isn't the 1850s

There is the NWO Wolfpack and WWE, and pornography and Stone Cold Steve Austin and UFC that dumb get influenced by.


So why should I risk my own self or my own mentality, to try to help people in need ?

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    1 month ago

    No paradox at all.  Your 'rant' sounds like nothing more than an excuse to NOT do anything to help others.  

    a) IF one is not smart enough to out mental a 60 iq... maybe one needs help themself.

    b) IF one is not smart enough to reach out to the needy through legitimate 3rd party orgs that do good works....

    I can go on - but there is nothing anywhere that says you MUST help others.  Personally I think it is why we are put here (to help each other).   IF you really wanted to help, you would find a way that you feel comfortable, safe and able to do so.

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  • 1 month ago

    So why should I risk my own self or my own mentality, to try to help people in need ?

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