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Why is no one talking about how post mates is a scam. I’m out of so much money because of them?

First of all, I’m not rich so it hurts my pockets to be scammed. I was forced to use this post mates app when I was starving yesterday and had no way to get to the grocery store because my car broke down. My husband was working all day so of course I couldn’t use his car. If I wouldn’t have ran out of groceries I wouldn’t have thought to use this app. The delivery fees and taxes are ridiculous. They charged my card $40 and my total was only $20!! My food was 2 hours late. Oh and it was cold and I had some food missing. They didn’t send me a confirmation email. I had to go outside and flag the Postmates girl down because she couldn’t find my house.

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    Should have checked the fees before you used it. A taxi to the grocery store might have been cheaper.

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