Looking for the name of this game?

I think it was a gamecube game but- it had two disks in the case. I remember a tree of sorts being on the title screen. There's this blond girl I think she was in a dress and you went to school with her. I know over the course of the game she starts getting stronger and becoming an angle I think? I know she got wings at some point after a bossfight. You play as this boy, and i remember him having this dog thing the size of a horse you rode. An rpg was a game you fight enemies with your select team sort of thing? I think the girl was meant to die eventually- I never finished the game but that's what little memory I have of it.

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  • 2 months ago
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    You might be conflating two different games.

    The Gamecube, two discs, school and angel/dying parts fit Tales of Symphonia, and a Mana/World tree is vital to the story.  

    I don't remember an animal to ride upon, though.

    Symphonia is available on Steam these days.

    Title screen:    https://hiddenpalace.org/File:GQSEAF-2.png

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  • 2 months ago

    Thats Tales of Symphonia im pretty sure

    Source(s): Played the beginning of the game and watched the anime part of the way
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