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What life is left in my 1982 black & white Panasonic TV?

I have a small black and white Panasonic television. It has the two channel changing knobs in front for vhf and uhf. I've attached a photo that shows the only input the TV has. It still turns on and shows white noise. For nostalgia's sake, I'd like to see it play something again (it was my TV as a child). Does anyone know how to hook something up to it today?...DVD player, antenna, etc? Thanks.

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  • C L S
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    1 month ago

    does it have a scart socket at the rear - if you can get a wee Freeview box to connect to it

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  • 2 months ago

    Use the RF output of a VCR, or get an RF modulator

    so you can use a DVD player with A/V (red/white/yellow) outputs. 


    If you want over-the-air programming,

    you will need a DTV converter and an antenna. 


    Since it has only 300 ohm screw terminals, 

    you will also need a 75 to 300 ohm transformer (balun).

    The best brand I know of is TransUSA (Tusa), 

    but most others should do the job. 

    You may have a few stuffed away in junk drawers or boxes. 

    • Mark2 months agoReport

      I'm not too technical so a lot of your reply didnt compute. It appears that the only way to connect to this TV is those screw in wires with U shaped connectors. Could you reply again wih a bit more would be great. Thanks

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