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How do you gain muscle?

I’ve been trying to for 8 months and I’ve gained more muscle than I’ve had before but it’s not a huge difference. I only gained about 7 pounds since then. With certain exercises I have been adding more weight bc the weight I was doing was pretty light for me so it seems like I’m gaining muscle to me bc I can lift heavier but I don’t look any different. Recently I feel like I’ve just been gaining more fat than anything. My face and stomach are getting more chubby. I don’t eat the healthiest but I also don’t eat junk food or fried food or anything like that. I go to the gym 3 times a week for usually an hour and a half sometimes 2 hours. I haven’t been eating as much protein I feel like so that could be the reason. I do eat more carbs than protein mostly healthier carbs but not all the time and I feel like I’m gaining fat from the carbs. I know it takes time but I feel like I’m doing going anywhere with it and at times I feel like giving up. But I also feel like I should have some results within the past 8 months but it’s a slight difference. 

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    7 pounds of muscle in 8 months in not bad.  It is claimed that someone with ideal genetics might gain up to twice that much, but that's rare. Unfortunately, even with weightlifting, gaining fat is more common than gaining a measurable amount of muscle.  To know whether or not you are gaining fat or muscle, use a skin fold caliper to estimate changes in percent body, along with tape measurements of waist in case visceral fat is changing faster than subcutaneous.

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      .. Nofat,Notoil when cooking,Protein,lowfat cottage cheese,avoid fat & oil,oatmeal,lowfat real cheese,natural peanutbutter & let most of the oil settle out & pour most of it off,cold cereal with nonfat milk,avocadoes, corn,potatoes, Notbutter,Notmargarine,Notchips, Nonprocessed foods, notfried,pasta

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    Do a full body weight lifting workout program using only compound exercises: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Bent Over Row, Push-ups and Chin-ups. Do 3 full body workouts a week. Do HIIT cardio once a week to increase stamina.

    Get 8-9 hours of sleep every night.

    Your diet should include red meat, whole eggs, full-fat milk, protein shakes, grass-fed cow butter, fresh orange juice, and red wine.

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