Any advice for healing an ear piercing?

I got my second lobes pierced 10 months ago (with a needle). One of my piercings won't heal no matter what I do. I've tried high grade jewelry and carrying on saline but still won't heal. There is a large lump in the piercing and changing the jewelry is hard! It sometimes bleeds when changing the jewelry as well.

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  • Laura
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    2 months ago
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    The lump is probably scar tissue. 

    What materials are you using?  You need implant grade material, anything else won't be ok to be inside the body.  Stainless steel and implant grade steel are two different things.  Call your piercer and ask if they have implant grade earrings you can buy.  If they do, have them help you change the jewelry. 

    Once you have good jewelry in your piercings you should do sea salt soaks with sterile saline solution and sterile gauze pads.  Soak your piercings for 5 - 10 mins twice a day.  Do this for 8 weeks, even if it looks just fine after 1.  This will ensure that the piercing fully heals.  Do not change the jewelry and generally treat it like it is a brand new healing piercing. 

    If it doesn't heal in 3 months with proper care like this I would see your doctor.

  • 2 months ago

    OTC meds like antibiotic Cream, or A &D ointment. Maybe try tea tree oil. If it does not get a little better in a 2 days go see your doctor. You might need a stronger antibiotic.

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