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private investigator sex?

Would they endlessly loop around each other or like what. Sounds cool in theory and all but what happens!! Would they have an investigator orgy, maybe? At what point during the investigation do they start having intercourse. thats super important. i am mostly concernd about when they start procreating



EDIT: forgot to say i am asking about hiring 2 priv investigators to follow each other 

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    1 month ago

    I'm a LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR.  "Private Investigator" is another category.

    I don't understand your question.

    You won't be the first person to hire one LPI to follow another LPI to make sure the first one is doing his/her job.

    "Started procreating?"  How old are you?  If the thought of 2 investigators "procreating" gives you an erection, I say "go for it."

    The word you can't spell is concerned.

    I ask for a $1,500 retainer, paid up front, $150 an hour plus travel time and expenses.  I am licensed, bonded and insured.  I'm sure private investigators charge less.

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