Possible to become lactose intolerant after a few months?

I havent drank cows milk in a bout 3/4 months , only oat milk as i prefer the taste . Howver i bought full fat milk as it is cheap and drank 2 coffees and have stomach cramps and diareeha , is it possible to become yhis intolerant to it after a few months 

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I've seen people on the Internet report this, too. My understanding is that it is not likely. 

    All mammals are born with the ability to digest lactose. but most mammals lose that ability after weaning. This used to be true for all humans, too. but about 10,000 years ago a mutation occurred that now allows about half the human population to digest lactose their entire lives. 

    The people who can't digest lactose (after weaning) are lactose intolerant. 

    MAYBE if a lactose intolerant person drank milk their whole life and then stopped they would lose that ability, too. 

    If neither of your parents is lactose intolerant and/or you are from northern European heritage you probably are not lactose intolerant. 

    *the cats that drink milk even after they are grown up - its because they were never weaned. So your situation might be related. 

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