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Will I get any money back on tax refund?

Just got divorced in November.  I was a SAHM/ full time nursing student. I get to claim my son (4), but I only made $1k this year since circumstances changed. I've paid around $5k out of pocket for school after maxing out all Pell Grant/ Stafford loans ect. And $700 on books.

I've paid $360 towards my son's preschool this year. 

Own no property. Will I even receive anything back, or am I better off trying to work a deal with my ex in letting him claim our son? (No food stamps/ government assistance other than Pell Grant that I got no refund from.) 


My ex made $65k this year and got the house, so he will claim that obviously. He usually gets around $2-4k back because of overtime taxes/ claiming our son. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You only get back taxes you PAID in. If you paid nothing you don’t get anything. The new tax tables make itemizing for you impossible

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  • 2 months ago

    You should be able to receive the earned income credit, write off deductions and receive a refund of $1000.00 (+ or -.)

    You can make deductions for childcare and other deductions.

    Search online: filing taxes in your state, check out deductions...

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