Do alternate realities exist and can we visit them?

his question comes from a personal childhood experience in which I seemed to visit a place that had not previously existed and which I was never able to find again afterwards. This moment has naggingly haunted me throughout my life and is an unexplained mystery. Do any of you have any such experiences?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Many children have memories of the weirdest things and this is at a time when their memories are at their very best. People who may be near a hundred years old sometimes can't remember where they put their pen or what they did yesterday, but can still tell you precisely how much they paid for a chocolate bar when they were five. That is because they don't have as many memory cells as when they were a child. Strange, but we were at our very best memory-wise when we were seeing these weird things. I have distinct memories of creatures that can not possibly exist in this world, yet there they were in their own reality and yet, I could see them. I even communicated with one. They seemed to stay in their own place in the house and never wandered. This was all going on from when I must have been around three years old to around seven. I could still feel them around me but never saw them after that. Even I, can't believe what I saw but still, know it was real and happened. I think children are able to see a lot more than adults and lose their ability around the same age as I did. So if I'm right, bugger! you may never find that place, but don't give up.

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  • So you imagined something when you were a kid?

    Yeah, we all do it, but most of us recognise it for what it is - fantasy not reality. 

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  • Rick
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    2 months ago

    nobody knows .............................................

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