What is a value? What action has value?

does value = 0?

What matters in life?

What should I do?

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  • 2 months ago

    Every action has value to the person who takes it. If it didn't have value, the person wouldn't bother doing it. Every person decides for themselves what matters, and doesn't matter, to them. If you ask others what you should do, rather than decide for yourself, you will end up serving their interests, rather than your own.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    How many dozens or hundreds of times are you going to ask? Just kill yourself already. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Only love and kindness has real huge value.

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  • 2 months ago

    I think "value" does have a low value, especially when the truth is known.

    Example.. the simple philosophy behind Greta Thunberg, her subjective value

    of the truth  (the content or truth content can be high depending upon what

    she doesn't say.. just like many many best answers from answerers here).

    This occurs because the more we say or the more she says can be 

    misinterpreted -if it is the truth- & can be mis-believed if it isn't ; this is

    where those other doubting philosopher & commentator types naively

    typecast philosophy. they typecast it as something like a science which

    while needing-a-logical proof is thought "fool-proof"... and so starting

    from a descriptive premise naïve philosophy action proceeds to conclude

    with a descriptive conclusion ; & the set of these descriptions is then

    believed to be a larger, more certain set or group of descriptions.

    And although "what-matters-in-life" to us can be so treated nevertheless

    what really matters in life can change for us too.

    Consider the matter of the Environment in the recent past, perhaps 10

    years ago. Then the North polar region hadn't melted as much & the

    south polar region certainly  hadn't melted at all.

    But the melting now matters, not least for us whose reality was not

    tied to some science & to some philosophy (too rigidly in our

    behaviour we may say). And it further matters because the reduction

    in true ice content there reflects the true heating up of the total

    Environment over the years.

    What should anyone do?

    Well I think it's becoming crystal clear that WHAT-we-should do is that

    we must act fast if in fact (as the ecologists say) the situation is an

    "emergency". There is no reason to believe that it is not an emergency

    as I myself have agreed with the climate activist science after quite

    some years ago. So with this FAST action must go some limiting

    -reality-check with regard to us all doing stuff which would negate such

    action. Like NON-peaceful protest, or NON-peaceful explaining either the

    science or the philosophy of WHERE we need the environment to be in

    the SHORT TERM. Go to the relevant active science & technology to

    support the widespread need for fossil fuel low or lower usage, locally

    & internationally (which is where Greta Thunberg is right now in Spain,

    Europe). The Philosophical action needed can back-up the science in

    at least two ways ; the first way where we as individual's can be much

    more discerning in our immediate behaviour, like our daily travel

    plans getting to work or other places of importance.

    As the very first few words of Thunberg's first book says "No one is

    too small (or insignificant) to make a difference) ; yet we must also

    bear-in-mind that this also has to be a TENTATIVE local difference


    or understand how-to-work-together technically & fully. And it may be

    down to individual's to argue that "better case".

    Concerning the larger philosophical action needed then comes-down

    -to what we AS LIVING HUMANS want from life, what is possible in

    a short-term future AS REGARDS A BETTER & longer-term-future.

    Say could we agree to try to eat-less-meat in our total diets for

    example? And can we not see how in practise especially HOW those

    poorer peoples who have little to eat & have little or no education, how

    these people can know that LARGE FAMILIES means LARGE RESOURCES

    are needed, & that can be UNSUSTAINABLE, with a POOR Future

    resulting. Immediately resulting...

    And this as a philosophy active view can mean that WE can be EQUALLY

    prepared to adapt to say smaller family sizes in our future so to speak.

    And again.. we can think about this as-a-philosophy but with the added

    importance that if we can be allowed-to-make such reasoned choices

    then depending upon how reasoned they are in actioning some or all

    of the future discussed above then surely that must be a good thing?

    We can surely reason to do so.



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  • 2 months ago

    Everything is based on survival. Survival is the only value. Even those who are looking for God are looking for infinite survival, and from there it goes down to your individual survival as the false ego that has to keep reincarnating and get disabused of the world and stop being an ego that wants to survive, to God who is eternal

    • I want MOAR2 months agoReport

      Um, if you really think about it, why does survival have any value over death? There is no such thing as a value.

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