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Could someone tell me the most effective way to sell DVDs on Ebay?

What starting price should I use and where should I set the "Buy It Now" price?

Also the cost of shipping and handling.


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    My suggestions (and yes, I sell on eBay, including DVDs):

    1.  First, see what others are selling them for.  Search for the DVD, then check off "completed items" in the filter.  Only look at those that sold and for how much including shipping.  Be sure they are in same condition.

    2.  I find a listing with a good price that sold and I click on "Sell one like this".  This will open the selling dialog and pre-fill some of the details.  You will need to edit.  For DVDs you can use an eBay stock photo, but I like to have my own to prove it's "real"

    3.  I make the Buy It Now" price close to the going price from my research (including shipping). I find it's better to price things with Free Shipping included.

    4.  DVDs can be shipped "media mail", but weigh them and sometimes First Class is cheaper.  I specifically don't offer international shipping.  Buy padded envelopes in bulk.

    5. Print the postage using eBay - you get a discount and can do medial mail.  All you have to do is drop it off at the Post Office.

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    Package of 4-5 movies n give customer a list of options they can mix match. You take price up when u are near to run out. or selling most.

  • 10 months ago

    Always compare with other sellers, and sell it for a few dimes less. Or try to get profit through the shipping.

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