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Why does yahoo answers only allow me to see certain comments under my questions ?

When I lookin my notifications I have more replies than when I click on the actual question why is that? 

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    Don't trust your notifications... because sometimes it will tell you someone commented, but if they delete the comment, the notification will stay there.

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  • 1 month ago

    Some answers get auto shadow banned when they include dollar signs, percentage signs, links, etc.

    You can see them in your Notifications, but they can't be seen on the board for others to see

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  • 1 month ago

    Because you have to open the comments now by tapping the the text box icon to the bottom left of teach  ANSWER in the new format or the Comment hyperlink in the old format. If there is a negative number to the bottom left of an answer, that means either posters deleted their own comments, probably because they could not edit a comment to correct a misspelling, ir comments have been reported by other users enough times that computed programs have deleted those comments from the YA display. 

    Answers can be reported by other users enough times that they are deleted from the YA display. 

    It costs Verizon/Yahoo MONEY to keep multiple comments open on a YA display. Money for electricity and bandwidth AND memory space on the server computers or in the Cloud. Closing or hiding answer comments so you have to open them saves Verizon a tiny amount of  money, bandwidth and memory space. 

    YA is run by computer programs and server computers, not by Verizon/Yahoo employees. There is NO STAFF monitoring YA 24/7/365. 

    Your notifications DO NOT UPDATE when a question, answer, or answer comment is deleted from the YA DISPLAY. It has NOT been deleted from the Verizon/Yahoo digital data banks. 

    Yes, things do glitch, but one thing that has improved since Verizon took over YA is many of the eternal glitches are slowly disappearing in desktop mode. 

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  • Daniel
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    1 month ago

    If your not seeing the Comments there anymore its Due to it got Reported and Deleted

    Notifications are not Updated when Comments are Removed Unfortunately so that can Lie the Confusion

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