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Teen girl weight gain 38 pounds?

Hello everyone

My daughter gained A LOT of weight lately. She is 13 yrs old, 5'3 tall and weighed 100 pounds. She never ate much but she always loved her grandma's food and After 2 months with her she gained 38 pounds and now weighs almost 140!!! My mother said she fed her 4-5 times a day with pies, cakes, fried foods, burgers, pizza etc. She also said she literally got out of the house only 2-3 times and sat with her pijamas in front of her laptop and phone every day, and the rest of the time she ate.

Now when she tried on her biggest jeans (they were big on her before) her big belly popped the button of the jeans... You can imagine what happened with the pairs that weren't big on her... It's the same with the tops! You can see her belly trough the shirts... Her bra wasn't fitting anymore as well. Almost all of her old clothes don't fit anymore. When she walks her belly and butt jiggle

She gained weight on the belly, butt, breasts, legs and thighs, aka the full body.

Her hobbys do not include ANY physical activities (Singing, Painting)

The strange thing is that she simply doesn't care! She keeps being lazy ALL the time and when I asked her doesn't she feel bad about her weight gain, she smacked her fat belly with a smile and said that she doesn't mind to be softer

Any suggestions?


She has NO illnesses that can cause her to get fat. It is from overeating.

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  • 1 month ago

    You can't force someone to lose weight. And if she's not concerned, you can't fix that, either

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  • Linda
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    1 month ago

    Maybe she is pregnant or maybe she is depressed? Take her to the doctor for a thorough checkup and ask their advice. That is not normal at all.

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