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So, say I had two boxes, one is lighter than the other. If I push on both boxes with the same force for the same amount of time, which one will have a greater final momentum(I have a hunch that their final momentum is the same since p = F * t, but it also doesn’t make sense to me that the masses don’t matter)

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    take m₁ and m₂

    acceleration = F/m

    a₁ = F/m₁

    a₂ = F/m₂

    v = at

    v₁ = a₁t = Ft/m₁

    v₂ = a₂t = Ft/m₂

    momentum P = mv

    P₁ = m₁v₁ = Ftm₁/m₁ = Ft

    P₂ = m₂v₂ = Ftm₂/m₂ = Ft

    therefore P₁ = P₂ = Ft

    bottom line, the lighter object has a higher velocity, so the mV product is constant. 

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      So, does this mean that the final momentum is the same for both boxes?

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  • p= Ft is not true. p2-p1 = J = Ft is true

    Let the lighter mass be 'm'

    Let the heavier mass be '2m'

    p = mv

    p1 = mv

    p2 = 2mv

    The momentum will be different, but the impulse will be the same

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