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Was my ex trying to make me jealous?!?

I have an ex who broke up with me almost 2 months ago. we’ve been in contact since ( he was a rlly good bf ) and we broke up because of distance . I told him I missed him after and he said it back. We even met up a few weeks later and kissed and he gave me a hickey after I told him about another guy who invited me to a party and he was like “you think all tall guys are cute? There’s some ugly tall guys.” But I brushed it off. We were gonna be fwb but I said no bc I still had feelings for him and he was understood. We didn’t talk for about a month after until I texted him happy thanksgiving a few weeks ago. He opened it but later that day he texted it back. I responded asking how he was doing and we’ve started talking ever since. Recently he told me that he wanted something casual ( I think sex wise but Idkk) and didn’t wanna go jack to the relationship. Then he was like “maybe we should cut it off until you’re done healing the feeling away” and I told him I didn’t have feelings anymore ( kinda lied ). I feel like we’re back at square one. I don’t want sex .Could something spark from that? he said he was going to Miami for spring break and I was like “probably for the girls 😂” and he was like “definitely for the girls 😂” why would he tell me that? Especially a girl he’s sexually interested in and plus I said the same thing to get back at him and he teased me for liking older guys. Was he jealous or trying to make me jealous? Does he still like me?

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  • Linda
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    1 month ago

    Since you are throwing yourself at him, he wants to let you know that he doesn't have feelings for you anymore as a bf/gf and he wants you only for sex until he gets a new gf. He was telling you he was definitely going to see the girls in Miami because he knows you aren't over him obviously and he wants to let you know that a fwb relationship is all you can be so get used to it. You've been asking this question a long time and you are bringing this upon yourself more or less because you don't want to move on and accept it is over. I don't think he'll change unless you change and read the old book The Rules. Become a rules girl and he might because he will realize that you don't need him and he will realize he needs to change and you don't just want a sex relationship. You may not want this advice but it is exactly what you need to hear. Sorry.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It wasnt real love. If he loved you he wouldn't have left you for someone else

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