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New kitten? How to introduce?

I just got another kitten, he is 7 weeks old, and at home I have a month old cat as well, how do I introduce him into the home? Please give me some advice..


8 month old cat at home**

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    Experts suggest introducing some article of clothing that has the smell of the new kitten on it, before introducing the new kitty. It may help to keep the new kitty inside a pet carrier when introducing them, so that the older cat can explore the new one without feeling threatened. If both are good cats, then they will get along with each other eventually even if things started out not so well.  When I was younger, my sister brought home a new Siamese kitten and the first thing she did when she was let out of the pet carrier was to chase the bigger, older family tuxedo cat. The bigger, older tuxedo cat got so scared that he ran. The Siamese adored the tuxedo cat at first sight. She always tried to go close to the tuxedo cat. The tuxedo cat had never seen another cat in his life, and he got so upset that he won't let us touch him for a couple of weeks. Eventually however, the two got along just fine, and they chased each other up and downstairs when they were playing. They even slept together. It was fun to see the tuxedo cat use his weight to bully the smaller Siamese when they were play fighting.                

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    You are disgusting, a kitten should be with it's mother until it is at least 8 weeks old, 10 is better

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      The socialization period of kittens normally lasts until 8 weeks of age, which is one reason why 8 weeks is the earliest a kitten can leave its mother. The mother queen's nursing of her kittens should not end abruptly; weaning can be done safely at around 8 to 10 weeks of age

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    When you and your kitten meet someone simply say, "Hello [person's name], this is my new kitten [kitten's name]". 

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