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How to get a second date with a guy you like?

It’s only been 2 days since our date but my anxiety is kicking in as he isn’t talking much to me. He’s not a big texter but our convos have been vague like he only messaged today saying to me ‘you’re ill?’ That was it. I’m worried I messed up as he brought up how he’s overprotective of a female friend (she has a bf) I said my male friends are overprotective of me when I’m on a night out and they see my ex but he just laughed and said ‘he seems like an ****’ and wanted to see what he looked like. After that though he did invite me to come a night out with him to meet his friends and at the end of the date we French kissed. He messaged me afterwards saying we should do it again after my law exams so maybe I’m overthinking and he just isn’t arranging anything because he knows I’m busy? How do I let him know I want another date soon as I replied to him saying ‘yeah definitely’ he missed watching his football team to come and see me and the fact he invited me to meet his friends makes me think he must not think I’m that bad... I just don’t wanna ruin things so soon any advice??

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    If you don't want to scare him away, then you back off and "let him do the driving" here. If you push for his attention, he's not going to see that as "Oh my, how flattering that she likes me enough to take the initiative." He's going to see that as "If she's this desperate to get my attention, must be because nobody else will give her any attention; must be something wrong with her." 

    This is how it works. After a first date, either he will call you for a second date -- or he won't. You cool your jets and just wait and see or you risk scaring him away. If you don't hear from him for 2 weeks or more, you send a very short IMPERSONAL text, like "Should I be keeping your contact info?" And if he doesn't return your interest after that, then you graciously accept that he isn't interested. 

    I don't understand your idea of behaving like a "dating steadily for a long time" couple after only one date. Again, that's going to make you seem pushy, bossy, and overly needy. 

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    Figure out where he's at, and go hit him up.

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  • Anonymous
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    Put out........

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