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Why is there no feminism in Eastern Europe?

There haven't been any movement against patriarchy in Eastern Europe. Still most East Euro women believe in gender roles and male dominance. East Euro women aren't showing any fight.

Even in Africa, South America and India, women are protesting and shouting.

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    It's due to Slavic culture and orthodox Christianity which believes in Sexual polarity. 

    • Ominous Cowherd
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      All sane people of every religion believe in "sexual polarity" (which is more properly termed sexual dimorphism)

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  • 2 months ago

    If the man does his job, the woman can be happy in her role. That's what I believe personally. I don't want the same responsibilities as a man but American culture has made it that way 

    • Krav Maga2 months agoReport

      Then why are you living in America? You sound like a 1950s woman. How backward are you...stupid girl. As an American girl, men and women should share responsibilities.

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  • 2 months ago

    Because the people of Eastern Europe are sane and acknowledge the reality of sexual dimorphism. Men and women are different and fill complementary roles.

    The insane notion that has gained hold in the West, that men and women are in competition and conflict with each other, is causing the destruction of our nations.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Because those women are not irrational to fight against men, no woman in this world has ever won a full fight with a man.

    Also women are not "oppressed" since women these days have more privileges than men!

    Men are naturally the better sex and gender and the fact is that men are superior and better than women in every way and this isn't me trying to be boastful but it is a fact and even science is on my side and agrees with me.

    What rights don't women have?

    Women have even more rights in America than men do.

    Women these days are too privilege and they have the privileges that men don't have because society and the law gives women too much power in this era.

    Women have so much of power that the law and the police will believe women even if women falsely accuse men of raping them!

    Women also don't have to do hard labor work in prison and women prisons are more safe for women than men prisons.

    When you think about it, women actually have most of the privileges and men don't have enough privileges and support from society and the law.

    Feminism is not needed and feminism needs to die.

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