I can't gather courage to ride two wheelers but I can't also feel good of myself not riding two wheelers?How to get out of this?

i am from india.

i am so afraid to ride two wheelers while most of my friends do.

and i can't even convince myself that it is ok not to ride two wheelers.

so i am self harming myself.

how to get out of this?

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  • 1 month ago

    By 'two-wheeler' do you mean a bicycle or motorcycle?  We don't call them that here.

    But anyway it doesn't make a difference.  If you want to learn to ride a motorcycle you should start by learning on a bicycle.  If you've never ridden a bicycle, you learn by taking off the pedals, and lowering the seat until you can put your feet on the ground.  (This is called a 'gravity bike').  Then ride it around by pushing with your feet.  With a little practice you'll learn to pick up your feet to 'cruise' or go down gentle hills.  When you can balance and steer, you can raise the seat, put the pedals back on, and try pedaling.

    Once you can ride a bicycle, a small motorcycle is like a bicycle in almost every way, except you don't pedal.  When you feel comfortable on a small motorcycle you can move up to a bigger one.

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    1 month ago

    invalid non question

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