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horrific vivid nightmares about molestation/rape?

I do not know how long I have been having these nightmares that involve me as either a young boy or young girl being molested and/or raped by a figure it happens in random places in the nightmare can anyone tell me if this is a possibility that I have experienced myself raped or molested as a kid or if there's something else to it I need to know asap before I convince myself somehow it really happened and start having breakdowns 

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    While it's possible, the more likely situation is that you watched some movie or heard some story that affected you profoundly or you were given over-the-top warnings by paranoid people about the danger of strangers. Try spending a few days avoiding cruel or violent tv shows, video games, or news stories and spending time listening to chill music, going for quiet walks, or hanging with people who are calm, and my guess is these nightmares will fade away.

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    Probably just your imagination. I definitely know that people with mental illness sometimes imagine sexual assaults which never happened. Look up "false memory" on www.wikipedia.org

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