How do I deal with a long distance relationship and with Gf's strict parents?

I've been dating this girl for 2 years and a half. Senior year of highschool she moved away like 30 minutes away from me. (Ik it doesn't seem very bad, but hold on.) For as long as we have been together she refuses to tell her parents about me especially her dad. Because she's afraid they will be really mad at her and not want our relationship to last. I just thought they were religious at first, I would totally understand myself since I'm Catholic. But they aren't religious at all. Which made things slightly confusing. But I plan on seeing her after I get through with HighSchool. Any suggestions how I would go about this? I just don't want our relationship to end. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    I'll be honest yeah 30 minutes isn't bad at all so don't worry about that. The more important thing here is the parents and moving forward. If you're serious about this then yes the parents are a huge deal. I still think it's not a problem yet of them not knowing. You guys are still very young, so take your time with this. Trust me there is no rush. Even if they get mad about how its been over 2 years. They will heal over time. I wouldn't worry about the relationship ending, I think that is the last thing on her mind. She is just scared of telling her parents even though there really isn't a problem. People are just scared of doing something that is their first time. 

    You guys are also getting older and will make your own decisions. Even family or friends can't force you to do what you don't want. Try to be stress free and enjoy these moments. There really is no strategic plan for this. Talk to her about confidence and whenever she is ready, just go for it. Don't worry about it ending, I'm sure you guys will be fine. Good luck!


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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If she refuses to tell her parents about you, she really doesn't deserve to be with you. Dump her and find a real woman who won't hide you or your relationship. 

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