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Does anyone else use the website PluggedInOnline just for a good laugh at the way they write? Lol ?

I laugh so hard @ the over-exaggerations of how “crude” or “profane” certain scenes are. They make sex scenes sound like full on porn &censor out “damn”& “hell” when writing like d**n/h*ll- Like isn’t the website 4 adults?! Lmao I just picture These uptight older folks unknowingly optimizing the stigma that Christians r hypocrites by watchng the entire length of movies they criticize 4 being too vulgar..U don’t have to sit thru all of “Wolf of Wallstreet” to know it’s gonna not be suitable 4 children or ppl w Christian values,yet they watch these kinda movies from start 2 finish which is rly no diff than the ppl they criticize 4 watching them. **** these uppity hypocrites who think they better than others bc they don’t drink only watch g-rated **** & probably helicopter their kids & like to use words normal ppl cant understand & have to look up in dictionaries. Theyve also Listed sum1 lighting a cigarette under “drug use” b4 Lol & discussed ppl smoking weed as if it’s crack (SON sum of the ways they’ve demonized weed in they reviews smh) Seen them list ppl urinating under “Other Negative Elements” like hell nah now u odee’ing 😂😂

Despite my annoyance w the site it makes me laugh how they write & The way they deprecate sometimes completely innocent subject matter. I feel parents who use this site & their children know abt it will jus make their kids wanna seek out R-rated movies which is exactly what I wanted & Did successfully for a couple yrs b4 being caught 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


Didn’t mean to put that “?” after lol in the question 

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