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Dough didn’t turn out right ?


A few weeks ago I made this homemade black berry cream cheese roll recipe. It’s very similar to cinnamon roll dough. The recipe asked for 1/4 cup of melted butter be kneed (with a mixer) into the dough. To sum it up, you spread the dough out on a floured surface, spread on a cream cheese and sugar and butter spread, and then finally the black berry jam. After you roll them up you put them in a banking dish and bake. The first time I made this recipe, it came out amazing. But on thanksgiving they came out awful. It was like the dough was really tough, and I noticed in the oven as it was cooking, the melted butter that was mixed into the dough was like oozing out of the dough itself. Does anyone have any idea why the first batch came out super fluffy and moist, but the second batch was super dense and tough with the butter oozing from the bread? 

I live in Houston, so maybe it was the humidity? Not sure. Very bizarre. They came out awful the 2nd time and I followed the recipe down to a T like I did the first time. Maybe the yeast (half of the yeast I used had been sitting out and exposed to air for 2 weeks) was bad? I’m not a culinary student so I’m no expert on it 

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    Might have been the yeast. 

    But that would not explain the excess butter. Was it mixed in completely? 

    Also enriched dough, those that have butter, more sugar, eggs  do not rise as fast as a more plain dough so it is possible that you did not let it rise as it should have. 

    Keep your extra yeast in the freezer. That will protect it from excess humidity that could possibly begin to activate it and eventually kill it. 

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  • CB
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    2 months ago

    You either have dead yeast or didn't let the rolled dough rise a second time before baking - I make Povitica Chocolate Bread for the season and a very similar type construction. Second rise is important.

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      ..and let the yeast warm up to roomtemp before using, same for flour, & sift it: compacted flour doesnt rise as well, and try use same brand of flour: yes the humidity can drastically affect tricky recipes and components, even when kept in good closed containers, when theyre opened humid air goes in

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There are several possibilities.  I'd suspect the yeast itself - having been exposed to air for several weeks isn't good for it.  I'd also suspect temperature as a factor.  If you try again, does the recipe call for proofing the yeast?  If not, try that first to test the yeast before you mix it with the dough.  

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