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Do you get sweaty armpits easily even if the rest of you is super cold?

This causing you to have to wear sleeveless tops often and have to get air flow in youe armpit areas even in the winter or you sweat and smell up the armpit areas on your clothes?

I guess this is compounded if you have foul body odor (sweat and breath) like me... I might have TMAU.

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  • al
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    2 months ago
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    Only when it's hot!!!

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  • 2 months ago

    Yeah. It's one the reasons I don't love winter. Bundling up in all those layers doesn't always keep me as warm as I'd like, but it makes me sweat (and, I admit, stink way worse than in summer).  The worst is when you pile on 5 blankets at night, overheat, start sweating, then get up to grab a glass of water and freeze all the way to the kitchen before you dry off.

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  • Anonymous
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