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Can physical abuse kill your appetite?

I used to get severely punished by mom during childhood. I have been beaten by bamboo canes, fly sticks, leather belts, wooden hockey sticks, metal broom sticks, wooden brooms, rubber slippers, harshly pulled by my hair, kicked in my tummy, slapped, spitted upon, cursed and damned, got burned in the butt with a heated spoon, overdosed on sugar, strangled on rare occasions, i don't remember the other things she did to me. But this is all real. 

No matter how much I eat, i cant increase my weight. Am 43kgs and 5’1’’. I eat till i feel more than full and even then I get hungry 30minutes after eating. 

I drink milk every morning. Drink fruit juices and eat fruits like papaya, avacodo and mangoes. Nothing seems to help me gain muscles and weight.

Recently, I am feeling nauseous when I try to eat anything at all. I feel like throwing up even before I feel full. I feel so bad abt whats happening to me. I feel fatigued and lazy. 

I am planning to consult a doctor but thought of asking dear people here. Previously I thought I am having a fast metabolism rate and thats why I keep feeling hungry throughout the day. 

Please let me know what you think? Have you been in a situation like this? 

I am 23 and a girl. Working and studying. Taking care of myself. My marriage which I was tortured into didnt work as well. He was a drug addict. I divorced him 2 mnths after marriage and stayed with my mom but she began taking control of my life again. So i ran away from home and now living alone. 

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    You actually sound like a very strong person and, once you sort out your life a little more, you will be able to think seriously about focusing on things that will build your life (meeting a decent lover, figuring out how to get a professional skill, developing hobbies and interests, doing volunteer work for people who have experienced difficulties like yours, etc.). I think you should talk with your doctor and, if at all possible, see a therapist or at least reach out to a smart older person you really trust to get some good advice. Certainly anxiety can affect weight, but you should look up weight gain diets and make sure you're getting for now more than enough calories.

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    Of course it can.

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    I would think it could with the abuse you put up with.

    It is likely PTSD.

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    No is the short answer.

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