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Would litter containing dust make 8 week old kittens sneeze?

This is our first go around with fostering and we have 3 eight week old kittens. They were healthy coming out of the shelter but just needed a place to stay and recover from getting fixed. I was reading and had no clue that you shouldn't use clumping litter when they are this young.

They have been sneezing a bit more than they should but overall don't have runny noses or eyes as I cant see, lower energy, or less of an appetite. Is there anything else we should know going forward about things to avoid?.

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  • 2 months ago

    I used to use shake and vac but it caused the cat to sneeze non stop so stopped using it.. Anything that aggravates their noses, dust.. Strong smellin things

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  • 2 months ago

    8 weeks kittens getting fixed? how is that even possible? I got my cat at 12 weeks and his parents' owner said he was on clamping litter and we bought the same brand, so no problem and no sneezing

    • Katie2 months agoReport

      Female cats can get pregnant as early as four months and the earlier you get them fixed, the better. 8 weeks is considered to youngest time that is safe to fix them

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