What does it feel like to be able to focus?

As a person who has attention issues (surprisingly, I have not been diagnosed with ADHD), I want to know what I'm missing out on. How does it feel to be able to block out distraction and be able to focus on everything you want to do?

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  • 1 year ago
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    I also personally have attention issues that corrupt my daily school and work life. I feel as for me, when I'm more focused than I usually am, there isn't as much people around me. I'm usually at home doing school work without any sounds or distractions that could make me go off task. Also, (this may sound silly), noise cancellation earbuds. They really do help! I recommend wireless earbuds with noise cancellation abilities, so you can also listen to music with them. I can't say for myself that I'm good at blocking out distractions. But definitely go see a professional. There are supplements you can take for attention deficit disorders.

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