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Rotation and springs Physics Problem?

In the overhead view of the figure below, a long uniform rod of mass 0.720 kg is free to rotate in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis through its center. A spring with force constant k = 1450 N/m is connected horizontally between one end of the rod and a fixed wall. When the rod is in equilibrium, it is parallel to the wall. What is the period of the small oscillations that result when the rod is rotated slightly and released?

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    6 months ago
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    Solved here:

    page 8

    upshot: ω = √(3k / m)

    and since period T = 2π/ω,

    T = 2π*√(m / 3k)

    and so here

    T = 2π * (0.720kg / 3*1450kg/s²) = 0.0808 s

    or 80.8 ms

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