is there a way to make your iphone stay on and lit all the time?

i have an iphone which is just a couple years old and one thing i hate about it is the fact it won't stay on and lit all the time? but instead after a couple of seconds goes dim then goes back to the lock screen, where you have to type your passcode to get back into your iphone to see something.

is there a way to adjust the settings so the iphone stays on and lit and not revert back to the lock screen where the light goes off?  or is that just what iphones do?

i hate it and feel like smashing my iphone up.

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  • 2 months ago
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    If the screen stays illuminated, the battery life will be extremely short.

    You can adjust how long it it stays unlocked - go to Settings > Display & brightness > Auto-Lock

    That can be anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or "never".

    I would never use "never"... If the phone is lost or stolen, the thief has instant access to settings without needing the PIN or fingerprint.

    I find 2 minutes is about right.

    To avoid typing the PIN all the time, if it's an iphone 6 or newer, just set up fingerprint access - all you need to do then is press the home button with a finger it recognises and it unlocks; no PIN needed, except about once a week so you don't forget it.

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