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How'd my gerbil die?

I recently bought a gerbil and when we first got her she was pooping and blood came along with it. We looked it up and it said it could be just mucus so we kept a close eye on her since and we did'nt see it anymore. Yesterday morning, I went to greet her with some pets and such. Although she was still laying there calmly dozing off and coming back. (  she usually ran from me because we are new to each other and it has only been 3 days, but not this morning. ) We just assumed she was just getting used to us. Later that evening I go and buy a Glass aquarium tank ( so we have put a tank topper on and have more room than our starter cage. ) I thoroughly clean  it with disinfectant wipes and put the old bedding in from the other cage. ( I changed out the better the night before so it wasn't that old. ) We put them in the new cage and I notice her dragging herself into the food bowls. (dragging as in, not using one of her legs whatsoever) we again assume she just hurt herself and she'll recover if we leave her alone with due time. I wake up around 3 am that night and checked on her, to see that she was no longer alive. It happened so suddenly and we are at a loss of what happened. Our other gerbil started burying holes after she started doing this and pushed her sister in them. We assume she did that to protect her sister or something, idk. When I found her, she was buried half way into the bedding. her body had no scratches nor her leg looked any kind of messed up. 

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    If it had bloody stools it was already sick/injured when you brought it home. If there's a next time bring the gerbil back to the store and get it exchanged if you see anything wrong with it like that. Bloody stools indicate a serious internal problem that almost never mend or go away on its own, in very small animals.

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      Abdominal pain could cause it to limp , like if your stomach hurt really bad you might not be able to walk straight 

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