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Any good places in Ohio to play TTRPGs?

I've wanted to play a TableTop RolePlaying Game for a while now.  Since I'm barred from playing DnD, I went with the alternative: Mutants and Masterminds.  I read through the Ultimate Hero's Handbook so I could get a grasp of what to expect, and now I'm ready to try.  So, any good places in Columbus Ohio where I can run or join a session?


OK, what I meant by being barred from DnD, I meant RELIGIOUSLY.  My family is religious, I was told the game had actual demons and spells.  I understand RPGs didn't utilize what would usually be considered as "serious magic", I played as mages in MMORPGs.  After looking up "demons in DnD" though, I found at least three actual demon names.  So yeah, religiously barred from DnD, wasn't a toxic player, just a religious man.

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