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Any experiences with dogs on public buses? ?

I'm from the North West of England (not far from Warrington), where our buses are supplied by Stagecoach. I've read that the fare for a dog is £1 and it's down to the driver whether your dog is allowed on. I was wondering what anyone's experienced on their local buses with their dogs? Were they allowed? Did you have to pay? Where'd you stand? (oh, and if anyone's wondering, my dog is an alaskan malamute - so I'm wary that he won't be allowed on. He's called Mr Wolf BTW! I'm just curious anyways. ) 

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  • 2 months ago

    While I have never had to take my dog on a bus (I have a car) I do know that, depending on the individual bus driver, only small pet dogs in a carrier were allowed on provided they were not acting a nuisance. No fee needed. Service Dogs are allowed on regardless . Don't lie about your dog being a Service Dog either. That's not only illegal but incredibly selfish and entitled behaviour.

    • HCatterall2 months agoReport

      Yeah, thanks! I'd never try and do such a thing, because I respect the dogs who are so well trained to be a guide dog! Although mine is well behaved, he shouldn't get special treatment for something he isn't.

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  • Robert
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    2 months ago

    One bus driver in Jacksonville,FL asked me if my Chihuahua was a service dog.   I responded by asking if pet dogs were allowed.   She said "no" .   I then told her "then my dog as a service dog " and grinned.  As I went to a seat, she made some comment about there being a $20000 fine for impersonating a service dog.   I didn't have to pay a fare for the dog. 

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    • Anna
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      You're a fruad and should be made to live disabled for a day and be denied a guide dog due to frauds like you then you'd soon change your tune. Your yappy overgrown rat should be taken off you and you should be fined.

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