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My Syrian Hamster's bum is black (skin), should I be concerned? Also, how do I make my hamster trust me after playing with his bum?

The skin around my hamster's bumhole is black. Originally, I thought that it was poo as I am not familiar with male hamster anatomy, as previously all my hamsters have been female. Naturally, I panicked, and when seeing that nothing came off when wiped gently with a wet piece of kitchen towel, I scraped it with my fingernail and he made a noise. Upon further inspection when he finally laid still for a moment, I could see it was the skin. He received two treats and lots of cuddles, but I am a) concerned something is wrong, and b) worried that I stressed him out too much. He is about 3 months old, and his fur is a gingery-brown, if it's any help. But any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a very worried hamster mum!

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  • odd
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    2 months ago

    It's part of it's natural skin color.

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  • 2 months ago

    Probably normal, don't fret about it.

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