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What’s happening to my rats tail? :(?

I just snapped this cute picture of 2/7 of my male rats. They are all Less then a year old besides one. I have never had any major health issues with my rats before. As soon as I took this I noticed the white tip on his tail. With a closer look it almost looks like a growth? I took a look at the other boys and the tips of there tails seem to be dry? I did try and research what it could be but I couldn’t find anything other then it could be from having my window open and the cage having a draft. If anybody knows what this is, what can do to help, how to prevent it. I would appreciate any answers and tips!!

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  • odd
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    1 month ago

    it might have cleaned the flesh right off the bone. Never had that happen before though I suppose it is possible.

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  • 1 month ago

    Might be something for a vet. Rats are meticulate groomers, if he seems to be constantly cleaning his tail, it may be aggravating him, cause for concern.

    Might be nothing to fret over, just observe and keep an eye on it. If this worsens, then you might find a vet to examine this.

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