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is this a fair question to ask a friend? 10 pts?

I have been getting a vibe lately from a friend of mine that this person does not want to be as good friends with me anymore as she did at one time so I decided to come right out and ask her in an email if my suspicions are correct.

I asked her if it was all in my head? Or is she no longer interested in being my good friend. I told her that I would just like to know where I stand with her in regards to our friendship.

Was it good that I asked her this? Would you be upset if a friend asked you such a question? Or would you understand?

Will choose a best answer

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    I think it was really good for you to be straight up and ask her the question. I would be totally fine and I would appreciate my friend asking me that. It shows you value the friendship and you actually care. Good for you. If she doesn't understand, then maybe it's good to cut the friendship off.

    • Dawn2 months agoReport

      thanyou so much!!! Great advice! It is great to know that YA is really helpful sometimes! Thanks again!

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  • Tepee
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    2 months ago

    Your question was legitimate in my opinion.

    • Dawn2 months agoReport

      Thankyou as well! :)

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    over 3yrs you have been asking this 

    • Dawn2 months agoReport

      since this only happened the other day you are mistaking me for someone else. 

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